Write or Make Phone Calls to Make Ourselves Heard

1. In order to win our fight, it is of crucial that we have the committed support of our city councilmember Rose Herrera. Please write to or call her office with your concerns regarding the cell tower:

    Council member Rose Herrera's Chief of Staff,
    Mary Anne Groen,
    email: maryanne.groen@sanjoseca.gov or (408) 535-4908 
2. It is equally important that the city's planning department - the government department that makes the decision on the issue - hears our concerns and objections to the cell tower. Please write to or call the following planning manager who is in charge of the cell tower case:

    City’s project manager

    Mike Enderby :  mike.enderby@sanjoseca.gov or (408) 535-7843

    Jeannie Hamilton :  jeannie.hamilton@sanjoseca.gov or (408) 535-7850

    Please make reference to file#: SP11-039

3. We are either existing or potential Verizon's customers. We should let them know that they chose a bad site for the cell tower and they are going to lose us as customers if they proceed with the plan.

    Verizon Public Relations
    Heidi Flato
    heidi.flato@verizonwireless.com or 925-279-6545

A letter can be as simple as saying that you are against the cell tower plan. In a fight like this, the number alone says a lot. Of course, if you would like to, you could  also state some more detailed the reasons. Following are some examples which can used as a template:



To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing today about the concerns we have as Evergreen Residents and parents regarding the proposed Cell Tower by Verizon just 200 ft off Evergreen Elementary School .We as a community collected over 200 petitions against the tower and submitted them to the city at a public hearing on Feb 01 , 2012. About 15 concerned parents turned up at the hearing were our concerns were brushed aside.

Even though the Evergreen Elementary School is located within 200 ft of the proposed Cell Tower, none of the parents of the kids in Evergreen Elementary were notified either by the school district or by the city about this hearing.

All parents have a right to know about this installation and attend the public hearing as it concerns the health and safety of their children

I would like to request your support in the following –

1.     Notifying all the parents of kids going to Evergreen Elementary School, Evergreen Montessori Preschool about the appeal hearing as soon as it is announced by USPS.

2.     Oppose the tower as  the majority  parents are against it and pressure Verizon to find an alternate location away from schools

3.     Work towards changing the city’s zoning laws to keep the cell tower at least 1500 ft away from schools and 500 ft away from residences.

We are opposed to the tower due to the following reasons -

Negative Health Issues

Our major concern is the high levels of variable radio frequency emissions discharged from the tower. The WHO last year in collaboration with the IARC classified the RFR radiation from the Cell Phone Antennas as possible carcinogenic. Our children spend 6-7 hrs a day in Evergreen Elementary School and Evergreen Montessori School which are right next to the proposed site. Those who live nearby and work at or attend the schools could experience amplified negative health effects.

Lack of Disclosure
There was virtually no notice of a public hearing. Most residents and parents of current and future students were not aware of the proposed tower. A project with such a huge potential impact on a community should have community meetings to address the concerns of both residents and parents. Only residents within 500ft of the proposed installation were notified and most of the parents of children going to Evergreen Elementary were in the dark about the hearing.
No Gap in Coverage - Verizon Already has Great Coverage in Evergreen

The area Verizon wants to increase coverage with this antenna, i.e between Yerba Buena to Aborn Rd. along San Felipe Rd and to Ruby Ave in the east already has great Verizon coverage. Also once this antenna is installed the wireless carriers are free to install additional antennas even without informing the residents.

Damage to Property Values
The presence of the cell tower in our neighborhood will lower our property values. This has come up again and again in our talks with the neighborhood realtors

Damage to the Beauty and Peace of our peaceful neighborhood

Evergreen Valley is a quiet, peaceful, serene residential neighborhood with no high rise structures present and no commercial industries within close proximity. The presence of 60 foot antenna between houses , who maximum height is about 30 ft will be a visual eyesore and shall set the precedent for more such antennas in our beautiful neighborhood.

We the undersigned residents, standing together and strongly united, oppose the installation of the Verizon Cell Tower near Evergreen Elementary School and any other schools in our neighborhood.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards



To Whom It May Concern,

I have two kids attending Evergreen Elementary School in San Jose, CA.  I am writing to oppose the proposed Cell Tower by Verizon just 200 ft off Evergreen Elementary School. 

My concern is the high levels of variable radio frequency emissions discharged from the tower.  Below are some facts: 

- The International Association of Firefighters has documented the many reasons for their opposition to installation of cell towers close to where people live (http://www.iaff.org/hs/Facts/CellTowerFinal.asp).

- On May 31, 2011 the World Health Organization finally classified the type of radiation that cell towers emit as a Class 2B carcinogen, meaning “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, putting it in the same category as lead and DDT (http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf). Other countries now limit public exposure to levels far lower than the standards currently set by our FCC. 

My children spend 6-7 hours a day in Evergreen Elementary School which is right next to the proposed site.  They already read the no-tower flyer and started asking questions like:  Will we get sick?  Will we get cancer?  Will we die?  Why would Verizon do that to us?  The bad publicity so far is very harmful to Verizon's image.  

I'd strongly request that this project be canceled.  If Verizon continues with this project, it's very likely that many concerned and angry parents like my wife would switch over to AT&T, for example, which would defeat the purpose of installing the tower!  In addition Verizon would be subject to future lawsuits due to health hazards caused by the radiation. 

Sincerely yours,