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Latest update on 5/27/2012

Subject: CELL TOWER UPDATE: latest development

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

We'd like to update you with some latest development on the cell tower issue.

After the April 16th meeting with Verizon (which we informed you in our last update), we have been working with Verizon and the city's planning department closely, in search of a better alternative site. While the search is still going on, we have reached a mutual agreement with Verizon to push the appeal hearing date out to late August for the following reasons:

1. Verizon needs extra time for locating an optimal alternative site and working out a detailed plan.
2. Many of the neighbors will be on vacation during school's summer break, so we'd like the appeal hearing to happen after that.

With the extra time, we hope Verizon can eventually find an alternative site that can serve their needs of strengthening the signal in the area, and meanwhile is less invasive to the neighborhood. We also want to caution you that it is still possible that Verizon may stick to the original plan in the end to place a cell tower next to Evergreen Elementary School. That would be unacceptable to us and in that case, we'll need every neighbor to try his best to show up at the hearing to fight alongside with us.

That said, we have gone a long way on this fight to get here. We've gathered more than 700 signatures to support our campaign, we have brought Verizon into a room to talk to us, and Verizon is currently actively looking for an alternative site. 

As a special note, we'd like to use this opportunity to say our thanks to San Jose District 8 Council Member Rose Herrera for her involvement on the cell tower issue. As Council Member, Rose Herrera does not get to vote on Verizon's cell tower application. But when she heard our opposition, she successfully arranged the meeting between us and Verizon. Without her intervention, we think the meeting would not have happened. As a result of the meeting, Verizon is now working actively looking for the alternative site. We appreciate Rose Herrera's help, and we hope she will continue to support our fight until the cell tower issue is resolved.
We wish you a wonderful summer time, and we'll keep you updated with any latest development on the issue.


As always, you could also find the latest updates from our website:

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