This is a group for parents/residents who want to work together against the proposed 42-foot cell tower right next to Evergreen Elementary School, or to get informed on the matter.


03/29//2013: Outcome of 03/27/2013 Hearing

Hi All,

We would like to update you regarding the Verizon cell tower issue with some very good news:

At last night's (03/27/2013) hearing, the planning department announced that Verizon had formally withdrawn their application for building the cell tower at 3880 San Felipe Rd, which is located right behind Evergreen Elementary school, and the planning commissioners unanimously voted to approve the withdrawal. As an alternative, Verizon had found a workable solution to build a roof top antenna at 4205 San Felipe Rd (i.e. the Dental Plaza). They are working with city's planning department for that alternative solution.

Compared to the original location, the new location is a lot further from the nearest elementary school, and is also further from the nearest existing residential buildings. As a result, it is less invasive to the neighborhood than the original location. (Disclaimer: Verizon came up with this alternative by itself. NoTowerGroup did not seek the Dental Plaza as an alternative, nor did we support it in the process.)

We would like to take this chance to thank everyone for your support. We would not have achieved this without the help and support from this neighborhood, as well as many friends who are not living in this neighborhood but nevertheless supported our cause. It's been a rough journey for the past 14 months and we thank you for hanging in there with us during the whole process.

Also we would like to express our sincere thanks to Evergreen school district, and our community leaders at District 8 Round Table. Thank you for caring and supporting the 800+ parents' concerns on the issue.

We would also like to thank Verizon for listening to the community.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our council member Rose Herrera and especially her chief of staff Mary Anne Groen for listening to our voice and working very hard in trying to help get this issue resolved.

Best wishes to all of you.


03/27//2013: 854 total signatures! 

11/2/2012: No Tower Group is publicly endorsing Balaji Venkatraman and Bonnie Mace as the candidates running for Board of Trustees of Evergreen School District

Hi All,

Balaji Venkatraman and Bonnie Mace are running as candidates for election for Trustee, Evergreen Elementary School District on Nov 6th. Both of them have helped and supported our cause and fight in keeping the Cell Tower away from Evergreen Elementary School.

You can vote for both of them.There are 3 candidates running for 2 seats.If Balaji and Bonnie make it to the School District Board , they shall support and strengthen our fight against the location of the Cell Tower near our schools.

Bonnie provided a lot of advice and insight into the planning commission hearing and has promised to support us as a Trustee in the School District Board in keep Cell Towers away from our schools.

Balaji, was present at the planning commission hearing and also issued a personal statement supporting our cause.He was also instrumental in giving us information which helped us present our case to the Evergreen School District Board, where we got the support of 100+ teachers.As School District Board member he shall work with us to keep the tower away from our schools.

Best Regards

No Tower Group

10/25/2012: Hearing Outcome:

The commissioners passed a motion to continue (i.e. delay) Verizon's application till next March so Verizon will have more time to look for alternative solutions. This does not mean Verizon is giving up the current proposed site. It is still highly likely that Verizon may come back saying they can't find other alternative solution and are sticking with this site. So, we'll have to keep fighting harder towards our goal - no cell tower closer than 1000 feet from Evergreen Elementary School.

We want to take this chance to shout a huge thank you to all of those who attended last night's hearing supporting our cause. We had roughly 100 participants at the hearing, and probably more than 50 of those spoke their concerns to the commissioners. It was a huge turn out in a hearing like this comparing to usually just one or two participants for any other issue. With your participation, we have sent the commissioners a message that they cannot ignore, that this neighborhood has an overwhelming sentiment opposing the tower for it is too intrusive to the neighborhood. This would definitely make the commissioners think twice before making their decision on the issue.

Of course, our fight is not over yet. We look forward to your continued support and hoping to see you again at the hearing in March 2013.

10/20/2012: 827 total signatures and couting!

10/11/2012: 110 Evergreen School District teachers signed our petition. Thank you teachers, for caring for your students!

08/10/2012: At Verizon's request, the final appeal hearing has been delayed again, to October 24, 2012.

Verizon requested the additional delay to develop plans for another alternative site. However, they have not yet filed a permit application for a different site. In the end, they may still decide to stick to their original plan to place the cell tower next to Evergreen Elementary School.

Meanwhile, we are asking our city officials to fulfill their responsibility to residents by requiring proof that Verizon has a significant coverage gap which can only be filled by building a new cell site. So far, city planning department has declined to do so, stating that "this has not been their policy in the past".

05/27/2012: Verizon and the appellants mutually agreed to push the appeal hearing to late august. City's planning department is now making the arrangements with the planning commission for an August 22, 2012 hearing. Click here for more details of the latest development.

05/02/2012: City's planning department notified us that the date of the public hearing for the appeal is now set to June 20th, 2012.

04/30/2012: To this date, through our paper and online petition, we have collected 707 signatures (including online and on-paper) against the cell tower plan. And the number is still counting.

04/16/2012: A small group of the local residents met with some representatives from Verizon and discussed the cell tower plan, at San Jose city hall. The meeting was hosted by Councilmember Rose Herrera, and was also attended by staffs from city's planning department. At the meeting, local residents voiced neighborhood concerns over putting the cell tower next to Evergreen Elementary School. As a result, Verizon representatives requested for delaying the 5/23 appeal hearing so they could have more time for a more thorough research of the alternative sites.

04/12/2012: To this date, through our paper and online petition, we have collected 684 signatures (including online and on-paper) against the cell tower plan. And the number is still counting.

04/09/2012The date of the public hearing for the appeal is now set on May 23rd, 2012. Verizon is currently re-designing the tower proposal because the original plan for the tower (60 feet tall) exceeds the max height allowed by the city's zoning code.

03/16/2012: To this date, through our paper and online petition, we have collected 610 signatures (including online and on-paper) against the cell tower plan. And the number is still counting.

03/16/2012: We have made some simulated cell tower pictures. See for yourself what an eyesore it would be if it were to built.

03/01/2012: Two local residents had a meeting with councilmember Rose Herrera and her staff discussing the cell tower issue. Rose and her staff will try to arrange a meeting, inviting local residents, Verizon, and head of San Jose's planning department, to discuss the issue before the public hearing.

02/23/2012: More than twenty parents attended San Jose District 8 Councilmember Rose Herrera's public forum, voiced their concerns over the cell tower plan.

02/22/2012: Two local residents filed appeal to the City of San Jose's planning department against the cell tower plan.

02/13/2012: City of San Jose's planning department officially approved the cell tower plan.

02/09/2012: More than 20 parents/residents attended Evergreen School District's board meeting, raising the cell tower issue to the board members. The school district board agreed to send notice to all parents for the next public hearing (appeal hearing) on the issue.

02/01/2012: More than 15 local residents attended the public hearing held by the planning department of City of San Jose, voicing their objection to the cell tower planned by Verizon. A summary of the hearing's outcome can be found here.

01/19/2012: Residents within 500 feet of the proposed cell tower site received the public hearing notice regarding the cell tower plan. The local neighborhood acted immediately by starting to collect petition signatures against the plan.

Verizon proposes to install a 42-foot cell tower on property owned by AT&T at 3880 San Felipe Road, San Jose, CA95135. This location is right behind Evergreen Elementary School, and very near to two preschools, and in the backyards of homes on Midhurst Way, Middle Park Drive, and Filan Way.


You can read a clear explanation of this in the archives of the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center http://www.mountshastaecology.org/Archive/Health_Effects_from_Cell_Phone_Tower_Radiation.html

The International Association of Firefighters has documented the many reasons for their opposition to installation of cell towers close to where people live http://www.iaff.org/hs/Facts/CellTowerFinal.asp.

On May 31, 2011 the World Health Organization finally classified the type of radiation that cell towers emit as a Class 2B carcinogen, meaning “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, putting it in the same category as lead and DDT. http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf

Other countries now limit public exposure to levels far lower than the standards currently set by our FCC.

Unfortunately, the city legally cannot reject a cell tower permit as long as it meets FCC safety regulations, even though those regulations were enacted in 1996 and are based on limited info from 16 years ago!


Take a look at these photoshop edited pictures to get a feel about what an eyesore tower will be, once it's built. The landscaping proposed by Verizon may take decades to mature and will never be able to screen this industrial tower. Keep in mind, once a tower is built here, Verizon and other carriers can add more antennas on it without informing anyone.


Property values in the entire area served by Evergreen Elementary School will undoubtedly decrease. From San Felipe Rd east to Avignon Lane & Littleworth Way. And from Aborn Rd south to Falls Creek Dr.


Because the local schools are a major consideration in the real estate valuation of homes. And parents are being cautioned to limit exposure of young childrenʼs brains to cell phone transmissions. So parents will prefer to err on the side of caution with the health of their children, and choose homes and schools that are NOT located right next door to a cell tower.

Because having a 60ʼ cell tower in our backyards creates the impression of a commercial/industrial area.

Fortunately, we can still legally request that the city do its job to protect the property value of our homes.


Please join our No Tower Yahoo Group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/NoTower

Thank you for your support!